The holiday in the mountain is like a restore break in summer and also in winter and you can relax yourself every day.

Discover the Dolomites thanks to our new sustainable technologies

Download the GreenWay Primiero Tours and contact us for a specific schedule.

  • HYDRO-ENERGY - Valle del Vanoi from yesterday to our day
  • A MICROSISTEMA FOR A SUSTAINABLE AIM - the challenge of Val Canali
  • HIGH LANDSCAPE - flavours and natural technologies
  • ECO-ENERGY - technology and nature, a trail from water and forest



  • The river park of Vanoi, the Anello dell'Acqua in Canal San Bovo
  • The Siega de Valzanca: visit the ancien sawmill and the hydroelectric power plant in Caoria with expert of ACSM
  • Hike along lago di Calaita

A micro- system for a sustainable aim:

  • Villa Welsperg, turists office of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park, a good example for a sustainable energy.
  • The water energy of Val Canali thanks to torrente Canali, walk along the Laghetto Welsperg and the water trail of Dolomities Valley and its used for a electric energy production.
  • Experience with E-bike or climbing
  • Visit to teleriscaldamento power plant in Fiera di Primiero

High Landscape, flavours and natural technologies:

  • Visit a local agricultural firm and snack with tipical food
  • Hike in a altopiano della Rosetta with an alpine guide
  • Visit to teleriscaldamento power plant in San Martino di Castrozza

Eco-energy technologies, nature and a water&wood trail:

  • Visit to the San Silvestro hydroelectric power plant with ACSM tutor
  • Visit to the teleriscaldamento power plant in Fiera di Primiero
  • Visit to the mine palace built in honor of engineer Luigi Negrelli who projected Suez canal
  • Escursion with Alpine Guide until Malga Venegia, near Travignolo river which arrives at Forte Buso dam
  • Visit some Dolomities areas
  • Forte Buso dam is a technological and sustainable building: we will show you the mechanism and tell you its history