Bike Sharing is a sustainable means of transport based on the sharing of bicycles. Through special cycle stations, users can easily get around the territory.

Thanks to the portal Bike Sharing you can check your residual credit and obtain some other important infomation about your card.


  • Tourists: all day € 25,00, half day €20,00. Deposit € 25,00
  • 50% discount for who has EasyYgO and Summer Card (cards avaible from june at ApT office)
  • Residents: new card €15,00, the first '15 are free, after that € 1,00 every half hour. For 'resident flat' there is a special card: € 40,00 for unlimited times daily for maxium 60 minutes.

For cards and other information speak to ApT S.Mart office in Fiera di Primiero.


There are other bike stations runnig by Parco Paneveggio Pale di San Martino and Ecomuseo.

  • Tourists: all day € 15,00, half day € 10,00, 2 hours € 6,00.
  • Discount only for all day from € 15,00 to € 12,50 for owners EasYgO card and Summer Card (cards available from june).


The Bike Sharing service is available at ApT office hours of Fiera di Primiero and Ecomueso.

Residents can rent E-Bikes from 8.00 to 22.00

GreenWay Family Circle
GreenWay Family Circle is a trail through Primiero Valley

The itineray is 20 km around Pale di san Martino and Vette Feltrine (both are Unesco since 2009).

In the tipical historic villages we can find some ancien buildings (Palazzo Scopoli, Palazzo del Dazio, Chiesa Arcipretale..), which have some exhibitions and paintings (Cataste & Canzéi, Sentarte, wood sculptures, fresco and fountains).

The trail has all indication and can done in the double direction.

Rent E-Bike and ride inside green valley!

Rent your E-Bike and don't think the recharging
Since 2018 some Alpine cottage had been provided of cycle station recharging for you and your E-Bike

The Parco Naturale Paneveggio Pale di San Martino has built six new E-Bike stations.

The project had done thanks to mandatory from Sustainable Development Service of Trento.

The new recharging stations are located around the alpine mtb trail Caoria - Paneveggio, in Vanoi near Osteria alla Siega in Ponte Stel and Rifugio Refavaie; in San Martino near Malghetta Tognola and Malga Ces; in Passo Rolle Val Venegia near Capanna Cervino and Malga Venegia.

This Alpine cottages are connected to electricity grid, some of these are public other are private.

In every station (see photo in the leftside) there are six points to recharging your bike. Every points has a special blocking box and you can leave your bike battery whitout problems.

In every station there are all information to help you during your E-Bike recharging.